It was 25 Years ago that The Red Stars marched in Dublin, Ireland's ST. Patrick's Day Parade!! So glad we have that memory of today, when our world is so much different!! Get out your scrapbooks KeriAnn, Ashley, Pam, Katrina & Andrea (The Main-E-Acts Coach!)
This is The Lord Mayor of Derry-Londonderry Northern Ireland, who came to Limmerick to exchange gifts from our towns. We gave he and his wife a beautiful scrapbook of pictures of our own Derry and Londonderry! This is Pam Lynch (Addie’s Mom Miss KeriAnn made the Irish newspaper Front Page!

Morgan Torre
6th Place- Adv. 3-Baton 20+
8th Place- Adv. Solo 20+
9th Place- Adv. Duet 31+ Cowette/Torre

“Happy New Year 2021!”  Optimism!!!
Thank you to our students and their parents and ALL who helped Red Stars flourish during the pandemic!!! We invite you to watch our “Merry Christmas - Happy New Year” Show!

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If you haven’t seen it yet, Disney’s “Godmothered”, filmed in Boston last February, has several New England twirlers, including three Red Stars; Kiley Collins, Chloe Desjardins and Morgan Torre, Miss Greater Derry.

Here’s  to a New Year!!!!

Dani Ulliani
1st Place- Nov. Strut 0-6
2nd Place- Beg. Flag 0-6
3rd Place- Nov. 2-Baton 0-6
5th Place- Nov. Duet w/Madeline

The Amazing 2019-2020 Red Star team had the largest audience in 24 years!! Save the date for 2020- the 25th benefit show for The Willey- Perra Community Giving Program in Newport, NH. Thank you for your hospitality, Newport!
Thank you, Ye Old Court House Restaurant!!! You are so generous each year!!!

A Red Star thank you | News |

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Introducing Mom and Toddler Twirl!

Red Star Toddler Twirl Flyer

The Red Stars had a terrific Twirl Mania at ESPN Wide World of Sports, Disney World, Orlando!
Emily Cowette (17) won advanced High School Classic, won Duet with Tiana, and made Top 5 in Elite Miss Twirl Mania.
Jadyn Vincent (10) won Intermediate 2 Baton and made Top 5 in the Twirl Maniac Challenge.
Tiana Barton (11) made Top 5 in Elite Strutoffs and Twirloffs, and won 3 Baton and Duet.
Madison St. Gelais (12) won two top ten medals in her first Twirl Mania Competition.
Coach Hutchinson thanks all who chose her to win the “Best Foot Forward” Award.
Congratulations to Joyce and Ralph Perrone for twenty five years of magic for thousands of twirlers!!!

Gretchen Murray
2nd Place- Beg. Duet w/ Madison
3rd Place- Int. Solo 14
3rd Place- Beg. 3-Baton 14
7th Place- Int. 2- Baton 14
10th Place- Beg. Junior Pageant Twirling Solo

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Pinkerton Academy Field House – Hackler Gymnasium
5 Pinkerton Street
Derry, NH 03038

Doors Open: 8:00 AM Contest Starts: 9:00 AM

Please click here for the Contest Form.

Thank you to all who bought beautiful wreaths from The Red Stars!!! Your purchase helps us be able to compete and perform internationally when we are able to do so!
        Your wreaths should be delivered by Dec.1 . If you don’t receive yours, please message us on this website. We want you to deck your doors with Red Star Wreaths, like the ones on this house! See you next year! Do you know a child who would like to try baton twirling in 2021? We have Gift Certificates and batons for sale! You can contact us here. Happy Holidays!!!

The Red Star Twirlers at AYOP

The World Champion Red Star Twirlers of Derry, New Hampshire have twirled for:

The Boston Celtics, Radio Disney, Carnival Cruise lines, the Liberty and Sugar Bowl Games, and in hundreds of parades including the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, the Washington D.C. 4th of July and the Miss America Parade.

Demand for the Red Stars has taken the team all over the world including Germany, Russia, Ireland, Spain and the Czech Republic.  They have been featured in countless news articles and publications including the nationally distributed “Yankee Magazine” and were recently seen in thousands of households on the television show “Chronicle.” 

Red Star twirlers are twirling at college campuses across the country, at pageants where they consistently amaze the judges, at numerous charity events and even professionally at Busch Gardens!

Morgan Torre performing at a virtual show for Suffolk U.

The Red Stars welcome you to

"Be Our Guests"

at the Granite State Championships

Miss Majorette of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont


Open Contest for Everyone

Meet Allie Nault, the winner of the first-ever Cherry Bombe Talent Show! The final competitor of the evening, Allie set fire to her batons, threw them into the nighttime sky, and won the judges’ hearts. She’s been twirling since the age of four and has even performed on the Great Wall of China. Fast forward to today, Allie had just started working as a sommelier at the Inn at Little Washington in Virginia. She was only five shifts into her new job when the much-lauded restaurant had to shut down because of the current crisis.

Madison Russell
1st Place- Beg. Flag 0-6
2nd Place- Beg. 2-Baton 0-6
3rd Place- Int. Solo 0-6
3rd Place- Show Twirl 0-6
5th Place- Beg. Duet w/Ellarie
6th Place- Beg. Pageant 0-6
6th Place- Beg. Strut 0-6
10th Place- All American Girl Modeling 0-6
8th Place- Little Big One- Prelims

     The Red Star Twirlers Open The Derry Opera House, June 5! Tickets are going fast for the first Red Star Production in eighteen months! To get yours, use our contact page to let us know what you need. You will get a confirmation to pick up and pay thirty minutes before showtime.

You can also call 603-432-9116 to order yours or email us at

Masks required.

     JOIN the Internationally acclaimed  Red Stars’ Dance Twirl Studio!!!! Classes from Tiny Tots, ages 4 to college with auditions for 3 year olds as well!!!
     We follow all Covid requirements in a terrific gym at 31 West Broadway, Derry, NH. Our instructors and coaches are all also public school teachers. Owner / Director Gina Hutchinson is in her 44th year in Derry, as coach and Gilbert Hood and South Range school retired teacher. She started the team in 1972 in Plaistow when she taught in the Timberlane School District.
     Educators! Coaches!!! Children is our business!! Your child gets:
     “ Baton Twirling, Dance and so Much more!”
     Where can a baton take your child? Enjoy our website and Facebook to see!
Register here!!

Madeline Pierce
2nd Place- Beg. Flag 7
5th Place- Nov. Duet w/ Dani
8th Place- Nov. Strut 7
9th Place- Nov. Solo 7

Lyla Hill
1st Place- Nov. Solo 0-6
2nd Place- Nov. 2-Baton 0-6
5th Place- Show Twirl 0-6
7th Place- Beg. Flag 0-6
8th Place- Nov. Strut 0-6
9th Place- Nov. Duet w/ Lennon

Congratulations, Emily Cowette, the new Purdue Silver Twin!!!!

Press Release


Happy Holidays to All from The Red Stars in New Hampshire!!

The Red Stars are Heading to the Newport, NH Opera House for the Willey-Perra Benefit Show

December 7th - Show Time: 7:00pm
    Tickets at the door: $10.00 Adults; $5.00 Seniors; Children w/adult Free!

It was a great show for Jadyn Vincent! Ma Ma Mia!

Lennon Kate French
1st Place Show Twirl 0-6
4th Place- Nov. 2-Baton 0-6
5th Place- Nov. Solo 0-6
9th Place- All American Girl Modeling 0-6
9th Place- Nov. Duet w/Lyla

Miss Majorette of NH, Maine and Vermont  is permanently cancelled for 2020. You will receive your refund in the next two weeks. We hope you and your families are staying healthy and safe. This is a great chance to practice!

Tiana Barton
1st Place- Adv. Strut 13 (Strutoffs)
1st Place- Adv. 2-Baton 13 (Twirloffs)
1st Place- Show Twirl 13
3rd Place- Adv. Twirloff Duet Barton/Vincent
4th Place- Adv. 3-Baton (Twirloffs)
4th Place- Adv. Duet 19-24 Barton/Vincent
7th Place- Adv. Solo 13

The Red Stars shine a light on early detection for breast cancer. Getting yearly mammograms can save lives!

Jadyn Vincent
1st Place- Beg. 3-Baton 11
3rd Place- Adv. Twirloff Duet Barton/Vincent
4th Place- Adv. Duet 19-24 Barton/Vincent

8th Place- Show Twirl 11
8th Place- Adv. 2-Baton 11
9th Place- Adv. Solo 11

“The music and the message The Red Stars are giving to healthcare workers this summer. Their ten minute presentation uses music and lyrics to send a message of Thanks and encouragement.”

Ellarie Healey
4th Place- Adv. 2-Baton 10
10th Place- Adv. Strut 10
1st Place- Show Twirl 10
5th Place- Beg. Duet w/Madison

Emily Cowette and Gina Willey Hutchinson celebrate Emily’s wonderful performances!



Maddie St. Gelais
2nd Place- Beg. Duet w/Gretchen
6th Place- Int. Strut 14
7th Place- Show Twirl 14
8th Place- Int. Solo 14

Emily Cowette
1st Place- College Miss Majorette Solo
1st Place- Adv. 3-Baton 18 (Twirloffs)
4th Place- Adv. 2-Baton 18 (Twirloffs)
5th Place- College Miss Majorette of America
5th Place- Collegiate Solo Half Time
6th Place- Adv. Solo 18
8th Place- College Solo Twirloffs
8th Place- Adv. Strut 18
9th Place- Adv. Duet 31+ Cowette/Torre


Dear Twirling Family,
Due to the concerns of the Coronavirus, unfortunately at this time we will be postponing the March 21st Miss Majorette of NH, ME and VT competition. Please check back here and watch for emails over the next few days for further details of a future competition date. Wishing you all well.
Gina Hutchinson, Tina Avelar and The Red Stars

    Red Stars are entertaining at several area schools this year! Tiana Barton and Tabitha Flattes have been busy performing at Gilbert Hood in Derry.
    Emily Cowette gets the crowd going at Londonderry High School as does Alexis Crocker at Alvirne in Hudson.
    Morgan Torre has wowed in shows and basketball games as a Freshman at Suffolk U in Boston, while Danielle Cherry is twirling at Championship games for DePaul University in Chicago!





Red Star Toddler Twirl Flyer