The Red Star Team and Families are proud to be the latest name on The Major Marjorie Gilbert Traveling Sportsmanship Plaque, won at Miss Majorette of Massachusetts on March 30, 2019.

The Red Stars paid homage to our NH soldiers from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day 2012. In two weeks, they will visit NH soldiers killed in WWII who never made it back to the United States. Click here for more pictures of the trip.

     It was an amazing trip to France for the forty one Red Star Families and guests August 1-7! The show at Disneyland, Paris was one we will never forget because it was one of the best in our history for many reasons. Watch it and we hope you agree! Many THANKS to Disneyland, Paris for gambling on us as the FIRST baton twirling group to ever perform there. We felt a huge responsibility to be the best we could be. Enjoy our show and the pictures of many Magic Moments. 
     One of our most memorable experiences was not the show or the Eiffel Tower, but that of the 9,000 graves at Normandy, 38 of which were from New Hampshire. Eight of them died on Omaha Beach on D Day in their first day of combat in World War II. Each member of our group read a Thank You at the grave of a NH soldier, took a picture and a video to send to any family that contacted us prior to the trip. It was an afternoon we will never forget. 
     Our Thanks and gratitude to our Tour Director, Wolfgang Baumler, who arranged for us to have a week in France that we will never forget.

There is nothing like the first parade!!

"Circle of Friends in Red"
2018 Competition Red Stars
Champions on and Off the Gym Floor

It was a sunny Saturday in April and some of The Red Stars continued our tradition of leading the Little League Parade. Thank you: Angela and Morgan Torre for eight years of participating; Felisha Burns, Gretchen Murray and Madison St. Gelais joined the fun!!

The Red Star Twirlers at the Disneyland Paris Performing Arts Onstage Program.

Getting ready to compete for the first time; THEY WON!!! Must have been the “Good Luck Rabbits!” New Hampshire States, 2019.

Alexis Crocker lights up Alvirne High Halftime Show, Sept. 21!





28 years ago, The Red Stars represented New Hampshire in George HW Bush's Bicentennial Inaugural Parade. If you watched this year's parade or see excerpts in the coming days, you will recognize this view. It was cold and we finished in the dark. But we were very proud to be there! We hope these bring back memories of a time and place that became part of our team's history and yours! 

It is always a special day when we add our youngest children to honor our Veterans.
Memorial Day, 2018.


     The Red Stars will be visiting the graves of 38 New Hampshire soldiers buried in the American Cemetery in Normandy on August 4, 2018 as part of a performing tour to Paris. Each member of the tour- 41 in all-have been assigned one of the NH soldiers to research and find the location of his grave.
     We are all writing THANK YOU notes to read aloud at each soldier's final resting place and will be placing a rose on each of the thirty eight graves.
     With eleven days before we depart, we are actively searching for family and relatives of every soldier through social media, news outlets and networking. In the first twenty four hours, we have located family of three. Our hope is to take a picture at each soldier's grave and send it to family members. We need addresses! Please either leave a note here at this website or email the Red Star Director, Gina Hutchinson at <> or call 603-432-9116 to leave a message. 
     Hutchinson is a retired career teacher in the Timberlane and Derry School Districts who wants her twirlers to experience seeing the graves of more than 9,000 American soldiers who never made it back to the United States. Knowing that many families have never seen their loved ones final resting place makes this even more important to do. If you would like to write a note or have a small momento left on your loved one's grave, please let us know and we will do our best to connect with you in the next week. At the very least, leave your mailing address and we will send you the picture and a copy of the note written to your loved one.
     Thank You to our New Hampshire soldiers. You died so this generation can enjoy the freedom that finds us performing at DISNEYLAND- PARIS!! We salute you

We Are Looking for relatives and friends of these New Hampshire Soldiers.

NH Soldiers at Normandy.xlsx

    The Red Stars of New Hampshire wish Tiana Barton, 7-9 NH Intermediate Pageant winner and all AYOP staff, coaches and competitors a great week!!
    We bid AU REVOIR to ALL as we head for Paris to perform at Disneyland next week!!! We'll let you know how it is alike and different from Orlando!! 
                                            Bon Chance!!

Red Star Danielle Cherry has a fan club at DePaul University in Chicago. Danielle is a sophomore majoring in Film.

   The Red Stars raised $1130.00 for The Willey-Perra Community Giving Program in their 23rd show at The Newport Opera House, December 3, 2016.
   The program was started 35 years ago by Gina Willey Hutchinson's brother and gives toys and clothing to 300 children each year.

The Red Stars at AYOP 2019

Red Stars Rock Las Vegas! Tiana Barton and Jadyn Vincent left Las Vegas with a suitcase full of trophies and medals!

Tiana takes first!

Red Stars Capture Candy Land awards:

Congratulations to: Ellarie Healey, Derry, Adv. Tiny Tots - Tiana Barton; Derry, Juvenile Intermediate 

Caitlin Gilroy; Windham, Pre-Teen Intermediate - Kiley Collins, Senior Beginner

The Red Stars proudly step off in their 43rd Derry Memorial Day Parade.

On July 31, members of the team will fly to Paris, France to perform at Disneyland, Paris . They will also take a side trip to Normandy to honor those American soldiers who did not make it home. A “Paris Preview” and 4th of July Salute to Veterans gala show, will be held July 1 at the Derry Opera House - at 2:00PM matinee. $20.00 adults $10.00 under 18 and seniors 65+. Reserve for pick up 30 minutes prior to showtime on our website, or by emailing < Or purchase at Veterans Hall 31 West Broadway.

Our seniors, Cloe Desjardins and Danielle Cherry lead the 2018 Derry Memorial Day Parade.

   As we come to the end of our 40th year, we want to share the incredible journey of one small baton twirling team, from the small state of New Hampshire, who got to see the world and share their talent thanks to BATONS. We, The Red Stars, will make our 7th overseas performing tour in July, 2018 to Paris. First stop is to bring America to Disney, Paris! This video is a very small composite of all the amazing experiences that have given us memories for a lifetime. We have used The Voice winner, Alison Porter, to sing the final song of our Soviet Union performance in then Leningrad, 1987. Hearing Alison perform the song Barbara Streisand made famous brought back so many memories for us.
   From a coach raised in a small town of 7000, may I say to all who watch this that "YOU NEVER KNOW where life can take you". In our case, it was being able to entertain with batons and proudly represent The United States of America. I thank that small town of Newport, NH and my family for giving me the launchpad to take risks that have shaped my life, my children and grandchildren's lives and all the students and families who trusted a young coach to get them safely home each time! ENJOY!

We are available to perform for YOU! If you are looking for a PTA Fundraiser, a "Performance in the Park" or to add sparkle in a parade by talented young performers ages 6 to 26. Call us at 603-432-9116

The team that will be performing at Disney Paris 2018 could be yours.  Click herefor up coming performances.. 

"There is nothing like that first medal in baton competition! Madison Russell just won hers- she is only two years old and she is a medal winning marcher already!" 

Tiny Tot pizza party for full sticker charts!!! Wait until you see them in the show!!!”

Red Star Seniors Madelyn Moedebeck, Olivia Bollhorst and Morgan Torre accept the Linda Lannie Traveling Trophy for Sportsmanship presented at The NH State Championhips on April 13, 2019

Red Star Danielle Cherry has a fan club at DePaul University in Chicago. Danielle is a sophomore majoring in Film.

The Red Stars are proud of Morgan Torre, the new 2020 Miss Greater Derry. She is the 7th Red Star to win the Miss Greater Derry Crown. Morgan also won $200 in the Suffolk University Talent Show! She will be entertaining in several events at Suffolk throughout the year, including basketball games.

The Red Stars are proud of Morgan Torre, the new 2020 Miss Greater Derry. She is the 7th Red Star to win the Miss Greater Derry Crown. Morgan also won $200 in the Suffolk University Talent Show! She will be entertaining in several events at Suffolk throughout the year, including basketball games.


Congratulations to Tiana Barton, Danielle Cherry, Emily Cowette, Ellarie Healey, Morgan Torre and Jadyn Vincent for their placements at Twirl Mania, 2019! The Red Star Parents Rocked as well!

"Congratulations to Twirl Mania High School Champion, Danielle Cherry; Juvenile Int. Miss Twirl Mania, Tiana Barton , and Gold Medalists, Emily Cowette and Tabitha Flattes!"
Together, four Red Stars earned fifteen Top Tens!!!!       Red Star Proud!!

Jane Rastallis, owner of the Old Courthouse Restaurant, hosts an after party for The Red Stars each year. This wonderful dessert featured ginger bread cookies and red velvet cakes celebrating 40 years of Red Stars. 

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